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Raging man battered taxi driver after bitter custody battle over four children

Jamie Routledge who assaulted his sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend (Image: luke traynor)

A taxi driver was attacked by one of his ex-girlfriend's family members when a bitter custody battle over their four children turned violent.

Victim Michael Healey was beaten up by Jamie Routledge following a row with his former partner Laura Kennedy.

Routledge - the boyfriend of Ms Kennedy's sister Emma - even bit Mr Healey's thumb in the sickening attack.

Ms Kennedy and Mr Healey split up in the summer of 2017, ending a relationship that had lasted for seven years, during which they had four children together.

Jamie Routledge who assaulted his sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend (Image: luke traynor)

In April, last year, Liverpool Crown Court heard Ms Kennedy blocked him from seeing the youngsters.

That month, Mr Healey began to get abusive texts and phone calls from Routledge.

In one fiery message, joiner Routledge called Mr Healey a "d***head," and told him he was "a lucky man he was [still] alive."

The victim, who worked as a Delta taxi driver, changed his mobile number, prosecutor Paul Blasbery said.

It made it impossible for him to move his taxi, it was heard.

Next, Routledge jumped out of his Focus and punched Mr Healey through his open window.

The 29-year-old, of Haydn Road, Knotty Ash, shouted: "You're not getting out! I'm going to knock you out!"

Routledge then bit his thumb before Mr Healey woke up moments later and realised he was on the floor.

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My view: I don't get why some people use their children as a weapon against their partner. It's wrong to use children as a weapon in divorce or separation, some children who are living with their mothers don't go to stay overnight with their fathers. I can't understand why people want to airbrush their former partner out of the equation.

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