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Shocking moment Nigerian Senator is caught on CCTV physically assaulting a sales assistant in Abuja

video showing a senator beating up a woman in a sex toy shop in Abuja has sparked outrage in Nigeria.

In the video, published by Premium Times, Senator Elisha Abbo, representing Adamawa North Senatorial District, is seen attacking a woman who tried to stop him from assaulting another woman in the shop.

The senator accused the shop attendant of insulting him and asked a policeman with him to arrest her.

Obviously concerned for her safety, the attendant made a call and tried to inform someone about what was happening.

But that angered the senator who ordered her to stop the call. Things took a violent turn when a man with the lawmaker tried to smack the phone away from the shop attendant’s hand and another woman who was watching the drama intervened.

The senator got angry and launched an attack on the woman who had only urged them to “take it easy”, slapping and hitting her before ordering the policeman to arrest.

As the policeman did his bidding, dragging her away despite the pleas of the shop attendant who was the initial target, the senator continued his assault.

The assault, which happened on May 11 according to Premium Times, has led to outrage.

‘Justice For Victims’

Amnesty International is among those that have called for the Senator to be investigated.

Amnesty International is calling on Nigeria Police @PoliceNG to investigate Senator Elisha Abbo (Adamawa North) for alleged assault on staff of an adult shop he patronizes in Abuja. Video of the senator assaulting women is widely available for police to act: #Nigeria @NGRSenate

Scroll down for video

See reaction below

@AfroVii, “He beat this woman up and despite them filing a police report, nothing has happened until now. No arrest, no invitation, no interview. Nothing. He’s been sworn in and has taken his seat.”

@edenStar, “The tears pricking the side of my eyes, the goosebumps dancing on my skin, the utter disgust and disbelief! I have no words. We’re not safe anymore.”

@Dr_JoeAbah, “Unbelievable! And I was there speaking turenci at their induction as young NASS members. Smh!”

@archdash47, “They are shameless, irresponsible and have no respect for the rule of LAW. How can I come from such a Nation like this. Painful.”

@I_amMarwa, “He is from my constituency, we fought hard to bring this man, we campaigned for him thinking he is a promising youth. I am disgusted by his actions, he should face the music and he should be prosecuted.”

@Nigeriawant, “This is sad and makes you wonder if there will ever be justice for the Nigerian common man.”

@Special_one_loe, “We are just a group of people living together. No laws. The police and army are just security for rich people and politicians. You should know this by now.”

@30shades, “If Senator Elisha Abbo can do this to a girl ‘outside’, I pity his wife ‘inside’.”

@Ms_anniesparkle, “This is why they rush for positions of power, so they can oppress those they consider beneath them.”

@Soyugbo, “This guy has no immunity. @PoliceNG and @PoliceNG_CRU should ensure this guy is used as an example of no one being above the law. Nigeria needs sanity at all levels.”

@Mista_Bush, “The victim and her lawyer reported the case to the police and the police said they didn’t know how to contact the senator. I’m trying my best to love this country but it’s not working.”

@le_Capone,”This is very funny. If the senator isn’t responding charge the mothafucka to court let the court summon him. Maybe we should push for justice for this as we do sexual assault. Both in same category.”

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My view: It's a shame that the Senator/a woman beater thinks he's above the law, by physically assaulting a female sales assistant and ordering his police escort to arrest her, this is beyond belief. I wonder what he's like at home with his wife behind closed doors. He has money to play around with sex toys while millions of his fellow countrymen, women and children are starving. The shop assistant should take legal action against him, this man should be suspended by his corrupt party PDP.

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