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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, joined baseball fans at London Stadium as Duchess hugs Boston Red So

The Duchess of Sussex shared a hug with her 'cousin' Boston Red Sox's Mookie Betts as she and Prince Harry met players ahead of their game against the New York Yankees in London.

As Europe's first ever Major League Baseball game was given the royal stamp of approval, family history may have also been made as Meghan met award-winning outfielder Betts at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park tonight.

Meghan and Betts reportedly share ancestry dating back 150 years to America's Deep South according to a U.S. genealogist who says both their origins can be traced back to Alabama relatives.

The royal couple are attending to promote Prince Harry's Invictus Games Foundation which has been partnered with the MLB's two-game London Series.

Betts told the Boston Globe last year: 'I saw on television that they were getting married. But I had no idea we were related ... That's not something you expect to hear, but it’s interesting.'

An 1870 Federal Consensus reportedly shows that Joseph Betts is Mookie's great-great grandfather and Jacob Betts - who lived two doors down from Joseph - is the great-great-great grandfather of Meghan.

Genealogist Jim McNiff, who uncovered the link, believes the chances of coincidence are minimal due to the scarcity of Betts' in Madison County and the proximity of the neighbours.

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Meghan and Betts were seen hugging this evening in the Red Sox locker room as Prince Harry and the players clapped and laughed.

Meghan beamed as each team gave her a baby-sized jersey, with the New York Yankees shirt emblazoned with Archie's name and the number 19 on the back for the year of his birth.

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