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Shocking moment pickpocket gang steals tourist's purse containing £400

This is the shocking moment a female pickpocket gang were caught on camera stealing a tourist's purse in London's West End.

Nina Spencer and friend Toi were walking through Cambridge Circus towards the Palace Theatre in central London earlier this month while making a video of themselves from a selfie stick to show friends.

But after they had crossed the road, Toi looked inside her Louis Vuitton handbag and noticed her designer purse containing £400 in cash and her credit cards was missing.

It is the latest shocking example of a numerous cases of pick-pocketing in London and comes amid a flurry of petty crime in the capital, with thefts on the Underground increasing 80 per cent in the last three years.

Scroll down for video

Devastated Toi and Ms Spencer, both from Thailand, watched back their video and were shocked to see a young woman put her hand into the bag and take the purse.

She appeared to have been part of a gang of three female pickpockets and the other two women could be seen taking part in the theft.

Footage shows a woman in a black jumper and black sunglasses looking over Nina's shoulder while a second woman, in black leather jacket and holding a red smartphone, looks into Toi's bag.

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My view: They are professional pickpockets, it appears they're just in UK to steal from people, especially from tourists. I hope they're jailed for five years for their shameful actions.

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