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Jack Russell pulls owner into bushes to find abandoned baby

A hero Jack Russell terrier managed to find a newborn girl abandoned in bushes.

Macho tugged at his lead to pull his owner off the path and deep into the undergrowth in a park St Petersburg, Russia.

The child, too weak to cry and suffering from hypothermia, was wrapped only in a T-shirt.

‘I felt my heart pounding when I saw the baby,’ said the owner, a pensioner.

‘As doctors told me later, she must have been crying for hours.’

He picked up the baby and rushed towards a Russian national guard patrol he had seen earlier in the park.

The baby weighing 5lbs was rushed to hospital ‘just in time to save her’, said doctors. She was suffering from ‘severe hypothermia’ and a lack of oxygen.

‘It is very unlikely she would have been noticed if not for Macho,’ said a spokesman for the Russian National Guard.

‘This smart dog pulled his owner – much against his will – towards a deserted area of the park.

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Via Metro

My view: The dog is special and a hero.

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