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Bodybuilder tried to gouge girlfriend’s eyes out for liking someone’s Facebook post

Whitstable bodybuilder Danny Bridges who gouged girlfriend’s eyes for ‘liking’ Facebook post jailed

A bodybuilder was blasted for ‘smirking’ as he was jailed for a sickening and violent assault on his girlfriend. Danny Bridges, 35, punched, kneed and strangled his victim before attempting to gouge her eyes out just because she had ‘liked’ something on Facebook.

She was left with two black eyes after the abuser, of Whitstable, Kent, jammed his thumbs into them.

Jailing Bridges for nine years, three to be served on extended licence, Judge Rupert Lowe said he was ‘selfish, angry and violent’.

As he read out the details of the brutal assault, the judge told Bridges: ‘I note for the record that you smile as I recount these facts.’ He added: ‘She thought her eyes were going to pop out altogether.

She was so frightened she thought she was going to die. ‘You are just another violent abuser of women.

You have not shown any sympathy or empathy to those closest to you. ‘You are selfish, angry and violent.’

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My view: This is not being jealous, but an act of wickedness, he's a monster.

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