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Piers Morgan meets psychopath who murdered his 4-year-old sister to spite his mother in chilling new

Piers Morgan goes behind bars with a psychopath who killed his 4 -year-old sister to spite his mum in a groundbreaking new documentary.

Psychopath with Piers Morgan, which will air on Thursday, sees the Good Morning Britain host meet diagnosed psychopath Paris Bennett, a man who is ‘more intelligent, more cunning and more manipulative’ than any criminal Piers has met before.

In 2007, Paris, who was 13 at the time and has a genius-level IQ, stabbed to death his four-year-old sister, Ella.

According to ITV: ‘This was no impulsive fit of rage, but a cold, deliberate act planned for weeks beforehand and born of festering resentment.’

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In Bennett’s first interview on UK television, he admits to Piers that the murder was driven by a calculated desire to inflict pain and misery upon his mother, Charity – who in a unique twist is watching the encounter as it unfolds on a TV monitor in a nearby room.

Paris, now 25, told Piers: ‘Even during the time that I was stabbing her, I was struggling with myself to stop.

‘By doing so, I could hurt my mother in the worst possible way,’ said Paris, who is serving a 40-year jail sentence, the maximum for a juvenile in Texas.

‘Yes, I did commit a monstrous crime but does that one mistake define my entire life…I don’t think it does.’

Unlike many of the American murderers Piers has interviewed, it is likely that one day he will walk out of prison a free man.

Despite his heinous crime, Paris is first eligible for parole in 8 years’ time.

Piers said he thinks viewers will be ‘stunned that somebody like this could potentially be back on the streets in a few years time’.

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Via Metro

My view: This is so sad, it's obvious that he was depressed at the time he murdered his sister.

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