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Facebook is biased and they sometimes suppress information

It is so sad that Facebook

always find something or fabricate something against me whenever a celeb report about something I published about them and they can't do anything about it because it's true, but instead Facebook look for something else since 2017 to complain about me, that I posted nude picture, I did not post anything nude online, and I am sure my page was hacked, I have checked my publications, since 2017 and nothing like that is there. Why am I being punished for something you did not even removed immediately since 2017 and now for 30 days I can't post anything, that goes to show that Facebook is always on the side of the rich not ordinary people, you never give people chance to defend themselves and now you're asking me to give reasons why my Facebook account shouldn't be suspended, when you know full well that there's absolutely nothing I say that'll change your already biased mind. I am glad Twitter is there they don't ban people for nude things instead they remove it or never show the picture. Facebook you think you're being holly but this is just pure wickedness and bias towards me. This is the third time Facebook is fishing out something that happened ages ago, just to show their power, because one of your celebs friends reported me.

Facebook asked me to give reasons why my account/page shouldn't be suspended and after giving my reasons, I couldn't submit it because I have been blocked for 30 days.

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