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Prophet lures housewife via Facebook, kills her for money ritual

A Cherubim and Seraphim Church prophet at Ogboja in Igbo-Ora, Oyo State, has been arrested for killing a housewife for money ritual. Oludotun Ogunlade aka ‘Woli Arole Jesu,’ told journalists, on Thursday, that he met the 25-year-old housewife, Bosede Oguntade, on Facebook where both of them became friends. . He then lured his victim from Ilorin, Kwara State, to Igbo-Ora, with a view to finding solutions to her financial challenges and marital problems, but ended up killing her as part of his money rituals. The suspect is said to have beheaded his victim and severed her arms. He then placed both head and limbs in an earthen pot and lit it on fire. . The remains of the dead woman’s head and arms, now reduced to black ashes, were then mixed into a pure alcohol drink. The resulting brew is claimed to cause its drinker to become rich and powerful. According to the Oyo State Commissioner of Police Shina Olukolu, on arrival of the deceased housewife at Igboora, she was drugged under the pretext of helping her overcome her fatigue after her trip.

She was subsequently overpowered and strangled. It was afterwards that her head and arms were dismembered, the rest of her body buried in a shallow grave. Based on credible information and diligent investigation, the police in Igbo-Ora were able to smash the syndicate and arrested them. On his part, his accomplice, Ayorinde, a sachet water machine engineer, said he went to Prophet Arole and told him that my work was not going well. . “So, I needed something that could bring quick money for me. Later, he called me and said that he had got someone whom he met on Facebook, who we can use to do the work. . We buried the woman together after the prophet had strangled her. And later, he told me that we were going to use the head of the woman together with the materials on the list,” he added.

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My view: This is so sad, I think Nigerian EFCC should investigate some Nigerian Millionaire/billionaire pastors and their source of Income, it seems some of them are clearly into money ritual business.

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