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Millionaire looks for sex doll that looks like his ex-wife

These are not the actual dolls requested (Picture: Getty)

It’s undoubtedly hard when a partner leaves, and people often use self-soothing techniques to ease the pain.

There are a whole load of songs, for example, about the lingering scent of an ex-lover on pillows or clothes left behind.

For this man, however, he’s looking for a whole lot more than a blanket with a spritz of Chanel No. 5. Instead, he wants someone to make him a sex doll that looks exactly like his ex wife.

On online marketplace HushHush (which is typically used by the wealthy) the man sent in a self-proclaimed ‘unusual request’. Explaining in the email, he detailed how his wife left him in late 2017 after they’d spent 35 years together, saying she didn’t love him anymore.

He calls himself ‘bereft’, and says he has ‘exhausted all avenues’ but has not been able to find a solution to his sadness.

The ‘bereft’ millionaire’s request (Picture: HushHush)

Although it may appear somewhat creepy at the first instance, the man says that – since his wife was the only person he’d slept with – he can’t face being intimate with another person, particularly as he met his wife before he made his millions and now struggles to trust new partners.

He also doesn’t seem to specify that he would be having full sex with the doll, rather that he want to ‘snuggle up as close as possible to it’.

The specification for the doll is that it has to have the same auburn hair as his ex, and be hyper-realistic (as he’s looked elsewhere in the past and not found anything that matched up to his standards.

The millionaire is happy to provide hundreds of photographs to help the manufacturer get things right, and says that ‘money is no object’ – as long as the look is right.

It might be a case for Jade Stanley, who appeared on This Morning this week promoting her sex dolls for widowers, which she says help their loneliness.

Perhaps it is slightly different given the fact their partners have passed on and this man’s ex is still very much alive.

Do people need to give consent for others to use their likeness in an intimate way? It’s a question that will surely come up more in the next few years as realistic dolls grow in popularity.

If you think you can help this man with his request, you can contact HushHush for more information.

Via Metro

My view: The man is a millionaire, so why is it so difficult for him to find a sex doll that looks like his ex wife, all he needs to do is to pre-order one, that is made to his specification.

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