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Italian designer Marcelo Burlon calls Madonna a 'human toilet' in scathing social media atta

Italian designer Marcelo Burlon has apologised after branding Madonna a "human toilet"! writing what's been called a 'vile' and 'misogynistic' Facebook comment about Madonna.

Madonna, 60, was spotted on Sunday arriving at JFK airport in a flamboyant outfit by the brand County of Milan.

But rather than be happy that a superstar like Madonna was wearing and publicizing his outrageous brand, the designer Marcelo Burlon quickly took to his Facebook page to express disapproval— and then branded Madonna as 'la cessa,' an Italian slang term that means 'human toilet.'

Marcelo Burlon

My view: It's a shame that the designer is biting one of the fingers that feeds him, the only people who can afford his outfits are the rich celebs and other wealthy people, so I just don't understand why Marcelo Barlon decided to insult someone who paid their hard earned money to buy his stuff, it's baffling. I think it's demeaning and rude to Call a mother of 6 'human toilet'. The design is hideous but it looks cute.

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