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Sara Netanyahu convicted after pleading guilty in a criminal offense using $100,000 of public money

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, was accused of misusing about $100,000 in public funds for lavish catered meals.

Mrs Netanyahu will pay a fine after pleading guilty to a lesser charge of trickery, as corruption probes loom over husband Benjamin Netanyahu.

She agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of trickery and pay about $2,800 in fines and $12,500 in restitution.

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"Netanyahu’s Wife Agrees to Plead Guilty in Catering Case: Sara Netanyahu accepts lesser charge over accusation she misused Israeli state funds for expensive meals despite having in-house chef", she struck a guilty plea bargain settling allegations she overspent $100,000 of state money on lavish meals.

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My view: Sara Netanyahu clearly loves food, so she decided to spend public fund ordering expensive meals worth $100,000. Just imagine if Mrs Netanyahu was a Nigerian first lady, she would have gotten away with fraud. Former first lady Patience Jonathan was accused of reportedly looting hundreds of millions and another $31.4million she stole and decided to claim ownership of the money through a suit filed against Skye Bank at a Federal High Court in Lagos Nigeria, it was reported that, it easily made EFCC to quit keeping the issue in the dark. The EFCC keep some things in the dark from Nigerians and exposed a musician who said something that was very wrong about internet fraud. If former first lady Patience Jonathan is a thief as EFCC claimed then charge her and let her defend herself in court like Sara Netanyahu.

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