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Stranger lifted baby out of mother's shopping cart and hurled him onto the floor in supermarket

A teenager lifted a stranger’s baby out of a shopping cart and hurled the infant onto an asphalt parking lot.

The unnamed 17 year-old targeted the one year-old Jensen Counts at random at Crest Foods in Edmond, Oklahoma, on May 24.

Disturbing surveillance camera footage shows the attack take place, with a shaken eyewitness calling 911 afterwards to report what she’s seen.

The woman said: ‘I’m at Crest, a man just threw a lady’s baby out of the cart. ‘You could hear the baby screaming.’

The teen picked Jensen Count up from his mother’s shopping cart, before hurling him onto the ground of the parking lot and walking off.

I’ve never in my life seen anything like that. It freaked me out.’

The little boy was still strapped into his car seat when he was thrown, meaning he escaped with only a bruise.

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Afterwards, Jensen’s shaken mother Dusty Counts told KOCO: ‘He was screaming. I got him out of the car seat as fast as I could.’

The baby’s attacker went on to attack a sign, jump on cars and expose himself to strangers, then begged police to ‘shoot him,’ after they showed up.

He told officers that he’d smoked weed he believed was laced with PCP or acid before the horrific incident.

Although badly shaken by the event, the one year-old boy escaped the attack with just a bruise (Pictures: KOCO)

The youngster later apologized to cops for his treatment, and was taken to hospital to be checked over by doctors.

He has now been charged with aggravated assault and battery, a misdemeanor count of assault on a police officer.

The teen also faces counts of indecent exposure, public intoxication and malicious injury or destruction of property.

Police are also appealing for anyone with information on who is selling the tainted marijuana to get in touch.

Via Metro

My view: I hope the person selling the tainted marijuana is caught and locked up for life, he's evil.

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