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Heartbroken mother reveals how her daughter went through puberty when she was a toddler - and is now

A mother has spoken about how her daughter is going through menopause at age seven, after revealing her child had started 'becoming a woman at two'.

Tam Dover, 43, from the Central Coast, New South Wales, is mum to Emily - a seven-year-old who started developing breasts as a toddler and had her first period aged four.

While the mum-of-four does all she can to make sure Emily's life is as normal as possible, she describes her child's situation as 'heartbreaking'.

'It's heartbreaking – I can't buy her normal dresses because of her breasts. She's more like a 17-year-old,' Mrs Dover told It's Your Day.

Tam Dover (pictured left) with her daughter Emily McAuliffe (pictured right) - a girl who underwent menopause at the age of seven

Mrs Dover said her child, born weighing 3.6kg, was the smallest of all her siblings, including her brother Matt, now 21, and her sister Trianaei, 24.

There wasn't anything to suggest Emily's development was different from her brother or sister until she had a growth spurt at four months old.

At this point, Emily grew to the size of a one-year-old - and her development quickly continued from there.

She started to develop breasts at two years old, and by the time she was four Emily was menstruating and needed to be taught how to use panty liners.

Emily (pictured aged four months with her big sister Trenaei) was born weighing 3.6kg, the smallest of all her siblings

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My view: What a thing to happen at such a young age, Why wasn't this child put on puberty blockers? That's what they are for.

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