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Rita Ora joins Prince Harry for his glamorous Sentebale charity event

Rita Ora was delighted to meet her 'royal crush' Prince Harry as she posed on the red carpet for Harry's Sentebale Audi Concert, ahead of joining him on stage, on Tuesday.

The 28-year-old singer showcased serious flesh and her fabulous figure, as she wore a strapless mini-dress while hugging Prince Harry.

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My view: on Thursday (Nov 2 2017) at the annual Samsung Charity Gala in New York Rita Ora told Hello Magazine that she was ‘nervous’ to meet her royal crush Prince Harry. On December 2016 during an appearance on the Wendy William Show, Wendy asked Rita, “Are you wild about Harry?”, to which she replied, “I am. Who isn't!”. So fast-forward, you can now see why that hug was too intimate, especially for a married man. Can you imagine if Meghan was standing next to Harry, that'll never happen, it would have been an ordinary handshake. Oh wow, just wow, Rita chose that sexy dress, because she knew she'll not miss the chance of an innocent hug. Remember Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky intimate hug, you can just tell when men have marital issues at home, they kind of look for solace outside.

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