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Gang beat up and shave trans woman's hair off in humiliating attack

Shakeela was kidnapped and attacked by a gang in Pakistan A kidnap gang tortured and shaved a transgender woman’s head after she refused to pay them extortion money, activists have claimed.

Shakeela, 27, was allegedly taken during the first day of Eid last week and held against her will for three hours. She says she was threatened with further violence if she did not pay the gang one million rupees (£5,200).

Shakeela has come forward with Pakistan’s Trans Action support group to put pressure on local police to investigate the attack.

Pakistan is a deeply religious conservative country and homosexuality is illegal, but last year new laws were introduced letting people self-identify their gender on official documents.

Despite the recent progression, Farzana Jan, the president of Trans Action, told Metro that transgender women are at the mercy of gangs in the northern province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Farzana, who was the first Pakistani to have a gender-neutral ‘X’ passport, says 64 transgender people have been killed in the province since 2015, while more than 600 have been tortured.

She told ‘There is an organised group of criminal gangs who specifically target the transgender community because they are more vulnerable.

‘They’re involved not only in the sexual exploitation of the transgender community but they extort money from them.

‘They are seen as weak and easy targets.’ Farzana said Shakeela, who works as a dancer in the city of Mardan, had paid the gang twice before. She said: ‘Initially she paid 40,000 rupees and then 50,000 rupees.

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My view: Some people are just evil.

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