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Robin Givens dispels Howard Stern’s ‘small penis’ claim: He was a ‘magnificent lover’

Robin Givens is putting everyone’s mind at ease about Howard Stern’s package.

The actress appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Sunday night and revealed an interesting tidbit about ex-boyfriend Howard Stern, 65. When Cohen brought up the radio host’s self-proclaimed “small penis,” Givens initially tried to sidestep the topic.

“It was all really good,” said Givens, 54, after Cohen told her Stern “talks constantly” about his diminutive package. “Howard Stern is a magnificent lover,” the “Riverdale” actress added.

Cohen pressed the “Boomerang” performer further: “Since you dated Howard Stern,” he began before Givens interjected. “Oh my god, this is like a walk down memory lane!” said Givens. “I wish I was getting this much action right now, Andy.”

Cohen continued: “Are his comments about his small penis actually accurate, or are they just jokes? He famously — he talks constantly about that he has a small penis.”

“Howard Stern was a magnificent lover,” said Givens. “Like, unbelievable.” Stunned at Givens’ response, Cohen countered, “Really, an unbelievable lover?” he asked. “So it got that far? I mean, you two –”

“Oh, I thought that’s what we were talking about. Oops,” Givens quipped, placing her hand over her mouth.

When asked how long she and the talk radio icon were an item, Givens elected not to give Cohen an exact figure, only disclosing that the pair dated for “a while.”

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“I’m not remembering anything right now,” said Givens. “A little while. A while, yeah. We dated for a while.”

Still, Cohen persisted: “I mean like, [Stern] and I have talked about this on the air. He says his penis is super, super small. Is that true?” asked Cohen once more. “No, no. It was all good. It was all really good,” replied Givens.

Via Fox News

My view: What a big reveal?, so Robin Givens has slept with the slimiest men in the entertainment world and feels the need to tell everyone. But Robin could have kept it to herself. Just look at the list below - She was clearly looking for a famous American guy, just like one former actress was looking for a famous "British guy"

Mike Tyson

Eddie Murphy

Brad Pitt

Howard Stern

Donald Trump

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