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Vietnamese model disciplined for wearing ‘offensive’ skimpy dress at Cannes

They’re seeing red in Vietnam over a daring model’s sparse sparkles.

Fashion designer Ngoc Trinh, 29, who showed up to Cannes last month in a glittering dress that barely concealed her intimate areas, is facing a fine in her home country after the eye-popping outfit caused outrage.

The form-fitting dress consisted of sheer material in a halter top which left Trinh’s nipples exposed. A shimmering string wove through the material, and a beaded skirt with a double thigh split left her rear end mostly uncovered.

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The dress, which Trinh paired with spiky black heels, was “improper, offensive and has caused public outrage,” fumed Nguyen Ngoc Thien, Vietnam’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, according to a report.

The country has imposed penalties on folks who fail to cover up in public, but Trinh’s showing of so much skin has prompted calls from seething officials to change laws.

“She is not an artist that the ministry sent to the event. Her outfit was improper, offensive and has caused public outrage,” Thien told legislators at the National Assembly session in Hanoi, according to the Vietnam Express.

Folks back home had their own opinions of Trinh’s backless, sleeveless, thigh-high, see-through get up, the paper claimed.

Vietnam residents discussing the model’s controversial clothes deemed them “sexually explicit,” “weird” and “gross.”

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Via Page Six

My view: She's pretty, but the outfit makes her look cheap, chavvy and trashy, odd one out in the crowd. A lot of women confuse sexy with trashy, showing your intimate area to the world is just gross.

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