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Doctor bites off tongue of pervert who tried to rape her

A female doctor who was attacked by a sex beast as she slept in her hospital’s staff quarters saved herself from being brutally raped by biting off his tongue.

The 24-year-old doctor bravely fought back when the man who had posed as a patient to get into the hospital tried to force his tongue into her mouth to kiss her.

The bite was so severe that part of his tongue was removed and the would-be-rapist fled the doctors bedroom moaning in agony leaving a thick trail of blood behind.

Police who raced to the Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital in Bloemfontein put out an alert to all nearby hospitals to lookout for a man seeking urgent treatment to a mouth wound.

A female doctor bit off her 'sex attacker's' tongue when he 'tried to rape her' while she slept in a South African hospital. The man fled from Pelonomi Tertiary Hospital in Bloemfontein but was quickly arrested after coming into the National Hospital in Pelonomi at 2am yesterday

Shortly afterwards at 2am on Tuesday medics at the National Hospital in Pelonomi reported a patient had just come in with horrific wounds to his tongue and police quickly arrested him

The 32-year-old suspect was temporarily patched up and driven back to the scene of the attack where the victim confirmed he was her attacker and she gave a full statement.

The alleged sex attacker was then taken in cuffs to the private Universitas Hospital nearby which has a specialist plastic surgery unit where he underwent full surgery.

He will appear before magistrates in Bloemfontein when he is well enough to leave hospital.

South African Police spokesperson Colonel Thandi Mbambo said the suspect had allegedly tried to rape the doctor adding: 'He fled the scene when the doctor bit his tongue off'.

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My view: The scumbag got what he deserved.

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