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18-year-old Girl hit with $80,000 hospital bill after going on US holiday without travel insurance

Karmen Curley suffered a brain bleed after flying over the handlebars of an electric scooter in LA.

She did not take out travel insurance before her trip, with her hospital bills already soaring to $80,000 (Picture: GoFundMe)

An 18 year-old girl has been hit with an $80,000 hospital bill after going to California without travel insurance and suffering a horrific scooter accident.

Karmen Curley from Newtonabbey in Northern Ireland struck a pothole while riding an electric scooter in Los Angeles on May 28 and flew over its handlebars.

The youngster, who lost her mother last year, was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a bleeding brain, as well as a broken collarbone, nose and eye orbital bone.

She did not take travel insurance before flying out to meet her sister Sian, who studies in the US, with each day of hospital treatment now costing $15,000.

Recalling the moment of the accident, Sian told the Belfast Telegraph: ‘I thought it was something minor, but as I approached I quickly realized that something was very wrong.

‘Karmen was lying unconscious and was losing serious amounts of blood, an ambulance was called to the scene.’

Karmen is recovering from her ordeal, but her family – who are still paying her mother’s funeral bills – are now fundraising to try and help pay the teenager’s hospital bills.

Donald Trump thinks the Moon is a part of Mars Sian added: ‘I would like to raise awareness about how important it is to get travel insurance and if you don’t know how to get it set up reach out to family/friends.

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My view: Always buy travel insurance to prevent situation like this from becoming crisesfrom happening.

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