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Neymar rape accuser films herself hitting footballer in hotel day after 'attack'

A model who has accused footballer Neymar of rape has been filmed lashing out at him in a hotel room one day after the alleged attack.

Najila Trindade, 26, who revealed her identity this week, is seen in the mobile footage – shown on Brazilian station Record TV – lying on a bed with the Brazilian athlete laughing, before she suddenly begins to slap him in a Paris hotel room.

As Neymar, 27, puts his foot up towards her face to defend himself, it is believed he says: ‘No, no, no, no, no, don’t hit me’.

As she continues to hit him, Miss Trindade responds: ‘But I’m going to hit you.

Do you know why I’m going to hit you? Do you know why? Do you know why? ‘Because you assaulted me yesterday. You left me here alone.’

Neymar gets up to restrain her before they move out of the camera’s shot – which appears to have been set up in the bathroom next door – as The Police’s hit ‘Every Breath You Take’ can be heard playing in the background.

Neymar, who denies allegations, arrived at the International Airport in Brasilia on Thursday (Picture: Reuters)

The dramatic footage emerged as Miss Trindade appeared on Brazilian TV channel SBT on Wednesday to reiterate her claims that she had been a victim of ‘aggression followed by rape’ at the hands of the footballer.

Miss Trindade alleges the incident happened on May 15 at the Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe hotel, after exchanging Instagram messages agreeing to meet up with him.

The alleged victim claimed Neymar paid for her stay and admitted her intentions with the Paris Saint-Germain forward were initially sexual before the encounter turned violent. In the TV interview she claims:

‘He turned me on my back and started the act, I asked him to stop and he kept hitting my butt.’ She claimed she suffered bruising and post traumatic stress since the incident.

Neymar – full name Neymar da Silva Santos Junior – admitted to meeting Miss Trindade but staunchly denies allegations, while his management team have called it ‘an attempted extortion.’

Neymar, centre, in the police station

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My view: Some women are pure evil and very dangerous. This woman seriously needs help and deliverance from wicked demons. I think footballers should learn from her, just make sure you have video evidence to defend yourself when you take strangers to your hotel room, because, she might end up accusing you of rape. Imagine Master card suspending Neymar without even giving him the opportunity to defend himself in the court of law and now the leaked video shows that the woman lied and the footage clearly looks like a set up.

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