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Shocking moment 'British man' dragged out of Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza'

A shocking video has appeared on social media showing a man who is believed to British, being thrown out of Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza by heavy-handed security.

It took up to eight security guards to throw him out of the club whilst the man swung kicks as he was dragged towards the exit - with the club claiming he was caught with drugs.

One guard is seen sprinting to join the melee and laying a huge kick into the man who was by then, mostly restrained.

Ocean Beach Club said in a statement that the man became 'aggressive and agitated' when security asked him to leave, and they asked for backup because of 'his stature'.

A fellow British party goer screams and tries to pull the guard off the British man to stop him kicking further as other guards appear to get him in a choke-hold.

Several voices can be heard screaming 'Oh my God' in reaction to the heavy-handed approach from the security staff.

Scroll down for video

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My view: The man was allegedly peddling drugs, he was then asked to leave the club and he refused, so he had to be dragged out. Don't resist and you won't get hurt. What are the security guards supposed to do with an aggressive man who won't leave? They won't stand for bad behavior abroad so just behave yourself and there won't be a problem.

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