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Kinsey Wolanski Instagram account disabled following streaking stunt?

Busty blonde Kinsey Wolanski has had her Instagram account removed following her pitch invasion at the Champions League final.

The 22-year-old was promoting her boyfriend's X-rated porn and pranks site Vitaly Uncensored with her streak reportedly worth up to £3million in publicity.

Kinsey Wolanski, 22, ran onto the pitch during the Champions League final between Liverpool and


It remains unclear why Instagram have removed Wolanski's account

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Wolanski herself gained over two million followers on Instagram as a result of the stunt.

However her account then abruptly closed, with the model claiming she was hacked.

The Sun have contacted Instagram asking for comment why her account has been removed.

According to Sputnik News via Thick Accent, Vitaly Uncensored now boasts more than 32 million registered users and has raked in up to £3m in advertising as a result.

Russian-American YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy revealed he wants to marry Wolanski after she stole the headlines at the Wanda Metropolitano.

While he was also on hand to give her a cheeky slap on her bottom following her release by police.

Wolanski sprinted out from the Liverpool end in the 20th minute wearing a black swimsuit as she left all eyes on her.

And it wasn't just TV viewers that were mesmerised by Wolanski, as she joked that Harry Winks was distracted by her presence.

Earlier today, she took to Instagram where she thanked her fans for their support, as she stated she was going to give out 1,000 signed posters of herself.

Play VideoKinsey Wolanski ‘feels amazing’ and reveals she ‘loves to do crazy things’ after streaking at Champions League final in latest Instagram post

She said: "You guys I can't even fathom what is going on right now, I feel amazing and so thankful, I really could cry.

"I really did this just because I really want to push myself out my comfort zone, I love that feeling - that adrenaline feeling and doing crazy things.

"I love to do crazy things all the time, but I never thought it would get to this scale and all of your support and messages and everything is so amazing.

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Scroll down for video

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My view: She is pretty, but It's not fair that she and her porn peddling boyfriend invade a huge sporting event for their own personal gain. If you want to promote your product pay for it just like other brands. Because of her demeaning actions on the pitch Instagram disabled her account. Some people will do anything for followers and likes.

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