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President Duterte claims he was gay before but ‘cured himself’ with help from ‘beautiful women’

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte accused a rival politician of being homosexual on Thursday. Such a claim might be expected of a world leader known for his salty outbursts.

But then, HuffPost reports Duterte followed it up by saying he also used to be gay until he “cured” himself.

After the speech to members of the Filipino community in Tokyo, Duterte seemed to want to demonstrate his heterosexual bona fides. He invited several women, onstage for a smooch.

CNN Philippines described the women as having “slender bodies, pale skin, and long, silky hair."

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he ‘cured’ himself by getting married, although that marriage ended.

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He said: ‘So beautiful women cured me.’

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Wochit Politics

My view: Being gay is not a disease, Rodrigo is an attention seeker, who loves fame badly. Or maybe we should ask the Philippine President how being gay is a disease?

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