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Prince Harry spotted by stunned passengers on British airways commercial flight from Rome to London

British Airways passengers were stunned when they spotted Prince Harry on a commercial flight travelling from Rome to London.

The Duke of Sussex is believed to have been travelling home from the Sentebale Polo Cup in Rome earlier this week, where he had been representing his Sentebale charity supporting children and young people living with HIV.

Prince Harry was pictured onboard a British Airways flight from Rome to London earlier this week.

According a Harry and Meghan fan Instagram account, a passenger shared her experience after she saw the prince at the front of the plane.

She wrote on social media: “As I'm standing there, I look over and see a guy who looks like Prince Harry. And he has a wedding ring on and looks very tired.

“The guy next to him looks like security and is glaring at me. Finally my brain clicks and I realise, it is Prince Harry on the way back to London from Rome.

“He was at a polo tournament. He politely smiled and said hi when he realised I knew who he was. I tried to get a photo as he got off the plane.

“I didn't want to harass him and felt bad taking one, but it isn't every day you see him!”

Photos: Daily Mail

Via Evening Standard

My view: Prince Harry is down to earth, that's why he's loved around the world, but he has changed a little bit since he got married to MM. He looks in-control and happy when he is on official engagement on his own.

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