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Party’s MPs prepare to march against Donald Trump during his state visit and the President warns he

The Labour Party was accused of putting the trans-Atlantic ‘special relationship’ at risk last night as Donald Trump warned America could stop sharing intelligence if Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister.

A raft of senior Labour MPs are preparing to lead as many as 250,000 anti-Trump protesters in a mass demonstration in London tomorrow aimed at overshadowing the US President’s three-day state visit.

It came as Mr Trump issued a chilling warning that America could stop sharing vital intelligence with Britain if Mr Corbyn was in charge. He said the Labour leader was ‘making a mistake’ by failing to make America a friend because of the country’s close co-operation with Britain on military and intelligence matters.

Jeremy Corbyn

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My view; Trump is a hypocrite, he trust Putin more than his own Security personnel and also loves Kim Jung Un, while he dislike his own countryman Joe Biden. Trump is like the pot calling the kettle names.

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