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50 Cent Clowns Young Buck With Homophobic Dancing Video

The man just always has something or somebody on his mind and, usually, he can't wait to drop some gems online a hilarious meme or a clever caption. His feud with is problematic for several reasons. For starters, we really just want to see the two get along because, after spending so much time as buddies within , it hurts to witness their falling out. A much more pertinent reason as to why this isn't like any other beef has undertaken in the last twelve months is because much it is fueled by homophobia and transphobia. Continuing a harmful campaign, Fif shared a video today two men sensually dancing together and dubbed it as Young Buck's new choreography routine.

50 Cent posted a clip two men dancing in a studio, showing f some impressive, yet sexual, moves. He directed the video to Young Buck, recalling the . Whatever money Buck owes Fiddy is still being requested because even though the banks were closed for Memorial Day yesterday, the rapper expected his coin from his former G-Unit ally. "Told you I want my money by Monday fool today is Tuesday," wrote Fif.

The context this post furthers a troubling narrative that has lived on in the hip-hop community for decades. The LGBT community has found acceptance in so many other spaces but because behaviour like this, LGBT folks find it difficult to be their true selves in rap's culture. If Young Buck really did have a sexual relationship with a transgender woman, he shouldn't be dragged for that. Everybody has different sexual

preferences at the end the day.

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My view: Make sure you don't owe 50 Cent or you'll get savagely trolled by him

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