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Regina Daniels father reacts to her marriage to 62-year-old Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels Father, Jude Ojeogwu has reacted to the wedding of his biological daughter, whose traditional wedding is said to hold today, in Delta state… and he has said he’s not aware of his daughter’s relationship with Ned Nwoko and whatever is going on is without his consent.

He says Regina's mother, Rita, is threading on a dangerous path and hopes she retraces her steps.

Taking to his Facebook page, Ojeogwu posted a statement with a throwback photo of his daughter by his side, he says the whole initiation ceremony the actress indulged few days ago is strange and is not her culture.

See his post below

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My view: It's so strange that Regina's money hungry mother would give her daughter out to an old man like Ned Nwoko, as his 5th/6th wife. Regina doesn't look happy, she sound so childlike when she speaks, she looked lost during the marriage rituals. I am sorry, but Ned Nwoko doesn't deserve Regina, with all his billions. According to Regina's father Ned lied about his age being 59, but Regina's Dad revealed that he's actually 62, but he looks 70, though. Honestly I don't blame Regina's father, who in their right mind would allow their beautiful daughter to marry Ned Nwoko, because of his money.?

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