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Another Nigerian Pastor Joshua Iginla Buys Private Jet

The list of Nigerian pastors with private jets is increasing by the day and the latest to join the elite’s group is Prophet Joshua Iginla, founder of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja.

Pastor Iginla announced the acquisition of his private jet to his congregation during a church service on Sunday, where his birthday was celebrated.

The Prophet, who runs the 80,000 seater auditorium widely known as City of Wonders in Abuja, said his latest acquisition is for the propagation of the gospel around the world.

According to Business Post, during the service, the cleric gave the sum of N150,000 and a bag of rice each to 142 widows, while some of his pastors received plots of land worth N95 million in Abuja.

My view: There's nothing wrong with buying a private jet, if you can afford it, but the big question is, what kind of business are these elite Nigerian pastors into, that they can afford a private jet?, because pastor Suleiman said church Offering And Tithe Can't Buy Private jet, so are they into petroleum business or are they silent politicians?. It seems pastors say very good prayers for themselves, while 40-60% of their congregants are unemployed and don't get the same type of prayer, as they wait for years to get a job.

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