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Nigerian Rapper N6 Shades TontoDikeh, Etinosa, Eniola Badmus In His Latest Freestyle

Talented Nigerian rapper N6 has been having war of words with some celebrities lately, so he decided to make a rap song to shade all of them, including Tonto Dikeh, Eniola Badmus, Etinosa Idemudia and others.

He wrote: "Niggas'll do anything for Clout/ Shit'd be bugging me out/ Last week niggas was running dey Mouth/ This week Nigga humble as a Mouse/ Some Go Naked on IG live, some go dey Lie say Dem Buy new Ride/ Some of them still Never Marry... But they give Marriage Advice/ Make it All Add Up Jesus/ One Actress stole Doggie Pictures/ Another one said, My Ex never lasted more than 60 seconds/ I'll pick a Random Winner, drop your Account in the Comment Section/ Hoes be posting Bible Verses with they Booty Pictures/ Errbody wanna be Famous and it Gotta be Instantaneous/ So It's either you're acting Shameless or Behaving like an Ignoramus/ Some get Aristo Funds, tell the Young Girls.. I WORK HARD../ Some get they body done... tell the Young girls I WORK OUT/ ... hahaha🤣🤣 stay Woke... Learn to Spot them Out... They do anything for CLOUT"

Watch The Video Below:

Tonto Dikeh

Eniola Badmus

Etinosa Idemudia

My view: Oh wow just wow, rapper N6 is savage and brutal, forget about the insults, just listen to the talent, he is incredibly talented. Just don't look for his trouble, he'll come for you like thunder. I just can't see what any of the celebs he slammed would say that'll have any effect on him. N6 exposed some Nigerian celebs living fake life on Instagram and warned young followers to be aware. It is so sad that some Nigerian celebs are exposing and insulting some celebrities as being gay, are they not human beings? Why are some People Homophobic?.

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