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Jordyn Woods shows off her curves in her new secndnture collection

Jordyn Woods looked incredible in her new Secndnture collection she showcased alongside other models in a video she posted on her Instagram account.

It seems Woods, has moved on from the Kardashians - Jenner situation, as she is now channelling her energy into her fashion and cosmetics brand.

Jordyn Woods captioned her post and wrote, "Today my new collection drops and I am so proud of it. This campaign was very special to me, we did a model casting call and had such an amazing response from over 2,000 people. It was so difficult to make a decision but I narrowed it down to five beautiful women with very unique stories!!! I hope you guys can all enjoy something from the collection"

See pictures and video below

Scroll down for video

My view: I think it's time the Kardashians - Jenner stop the Jordyn 'f**ked up' thing, enough already, it's boring now. I think the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal has enabled Jordyn to be strong and independent, instead of tagging alongside Kylie 24/7 like an errand girl. Jordyn is doing well and I don't think she needs the Kardashians - Jenner situation in her life. I think it's time E News cancel that show it past its sell-by date.

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