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Government shelves key Brexit bill amid speculation over Theresa May's future

The government has delayed publication of key Brexit legislation as the prime minister listens to MPs' "concerns" about the bill.

Theresa May had told MPs the Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) would be published on Friday, but the government now plans to publish the legislation in the week commencing 3 June.

It comes amid feverish speculation the prime minister could imminently announce her resignation, with Mrs May due to hold a crunch meeting with the leader of Tory backbenchers tomorrow.

Anger among Conservative MPs at the terms of the WAB, which puts the prime minister's Brexit deal into law, has prompted renewed calls for Mrs May's departure.

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Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom resigned from cabinet on Wednesday evening, after telling the prime minister she couldn't support the bill.

Mrs May's official spokesman said on Thursday: "The prime minister is listening to colleagues' concerns about the bill and will continue to."

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My view: Theresa May should have done what the people wanted instead of what her self serving colleagues.

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