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Nigeria: NDU medical student commits suicide after failing his MBBS exam

A 300 level medical student of the Niger Delta University, NDU, has allegedly died after plunging into Amassoma River in Bayelsa State.

According to reports, Uzakah Timi Ebiweni, took the decision to end it all today, after failing his #MBBS exams. It was gathered that out of the 169 students in his class, 50 failed.

Timi allegedly started giving hints via his WhatsApp stories by initially posting a candle light and then changing it to the picture of a candle with its light blown off, Gistreel reported.

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My view: This is heartbreaking, if you're suffering from depression please talk to someone and seek help. Parents please stop putting pressure on your children because you want them to do well, listen to them, ask questions and don't force your son/daughter to study medicine, it is very difficult to study medicine, this is so sad.

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