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Woman deported from Germany with 3 children gets accommodation

According to the video which was posted, she was given a house by a man identified as Prince Kareem Eletu -

The unidentified woman was deported from Germany alongside her kids after 14 years of living there

The woman filmed a video with her three kids narrating her experience with the German authorities. Well, it appears luck has shone on her as she has gone from being homeless with her kids to getting a decent accommodation from a good Samaritan identified as Prince Kazeem Eletu.

A video which has since surface online shows the woman with her three kids in their home. In the video, she is seen thanking the man for his kindness and calling on other Nigerians to join her in showing gratitude to him.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: The woman should stop answering pointless questions, she's already in Nigeria with her kids, the most important thing is for the useless Nigerian government to help her. It is because of the corrupt politicians in Nigeria, that is why millions of Nigerians are suffering. If they have Income and Housing Support for the jobless, then people would stay in their own country.

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