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Newspaper headlines: Kyle show 'on trial' or 'not to blame'?

The controversy over the Jeremy Kyle Show is the lead for several of the papers.

The son of the 62-year-old man found dead days after failing a lie-detector test on the programme tells the Daily Mail the presenter had "ripped into him" on stage.

The Sun says Jeremy Kyle fears ITV bosses will make him a scapegoat amid growing calls for the show to be axed. It has the headline: "Kyle on trial."

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My view: The Jeremy Kyle show is an embarrassment, it needs to be axed the man must have been distraught with the treatment he received, I can't imagine what he was going through, to do something so devastating. ITV should stop supporting a bully, Jeremy Kyle likes shaming and bullying the weak and vulnerable” guests on that boring show. And that their lie detector test machine should be properly examined because it lies at times. enough already.

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