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Chyna says "the [Kardashian] family was like 'Well, Bye, girl' and threw me underneath the bus" when Kylie began dating Tyga.

Blac Chyna agreed nothing would be off limits before sitting down with Wendy Williams on Wednesday and the interview did not disappoint.

During her two-segment sit down with the morning show host, Rob Kardashian's baby mama opened up about Kylie Jenner's controversial relationship with her ex, Tyga, revealed which plastic surgery procedures she's had done and shot down Wendy's assumption she was only with Rob to get back at the Kardashian family for doing her dirty.

As Chyna, real name Angela White, sat down to speak with Williams, Wendy noted that the stripper-turned-reality star has been a common (and "controversial") Hot Topic in the past. "I know, thank you," she responded. After Chyna briefly addressed the recent altercation with her hairdresser -- saying she was "pretty much fired" and couldn't speak about it further -- Williams jumped into the good stuff.

When she was asked how she met Rob, Chyna first explained that she started hanging out with his sister, Kim Kardashian, while they lived in the same neighborhood together with her then-fiance Tyga.

"Sometimes things don't work out and then also, sometimes things just spread you different ways and I guess that's what was going," she said of her and Tyga's relationship falling apart. "The way it went about publicly wasn't right. Even not publicly it wasn't right."

She said neither of them cheated, but they merely grew apart. "So Tyga started dating Kylie, after that happened, that's when, of course, the family was like, 'Well, bye girl' and threw me underneath the bus," Chyna continued.

Chyna was then asked what her relationship with Kylie is like now. "On my side, the last time we spoke and whatnot, because it is Dream's auntie and stuff and when me and Robert was together, we kind of put those differences aside and from now on, I'm fine on my side and I'm hoping we're good," she replied.

Williams then expressed her personal belief about Chyna's relationship with Rob, saying she always thought it was a revenge move. "I thought you were using him to get back at the whole family and I thought it was a great come-up," said Wendy. "You locked that down, you had the baby, get at them by getting their most vulnerable asset, which is Rob, he let himself go, he didn't care about himself and along come you."

Chyna said that wasn't the case, explaining they started speaking over Instagram following the "turmoil" with Tyga. Eventually, she agreed to meet up with him and "it was a connection, right then and there."

"I had him move out of Khloe Kardashian's house, into my house, it was very early on," she said. "It's the house we filmed at. He had moved in with me, from there he started losing the weight, he cut his hair."

She said they became sexually active "kinda quick," adding that "it wasn't the first night, maybe fifth."

When asked if she was physically attracted to him, she answered affirmatively, adding that he also had a great personality. Williams also asked if she "felt sorry" for Rob at the time. "Not sorry, it was just different," Chyna responded. "I wasn't sorry for him, I just wanted him to see his worth."

Wendy also asked, out of Rob or Tyga, which was the better lover? "Can I choose neither?" she asked with a laugh. "I gotta pick one? Better lover, Rob."

Other tidbits we learned from the interview: She's strictly into men, would like to get married one day, would never get back with Rob and is returning to reality TV with her own docu-series on a streaming platform called Zeus.

She also copped to all her plastic surgery. "I've had lipo before. I've had my breasts done four times," explained Chyna. "I went larger, larger, then I went smaller. I was like, it was too much.

Of her booty, she added, "I went and got something done. I got lipo, after I had Dream, it was like out of control. I had some of it tooken out."

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My view: Blac Chyna said, Rob is a better lover than Tyga, but at the end of the day, they both gave her cute kids.

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