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Blac Chyna's altercation with her hairdresser -- where a knife was allegedly pulled and soda cans hurled -- was caught on video, and there's a little bit of good news for Blac Chyna, TMZ reported.

The online publication posted the surveillance footage capturing the action outside of Chyna's San Fernando Valley home early Saturday morning.

TMZ reported that, BC got into it with her hairdresser over payment ... the hairdresser filed a police report claiming Chyna got hot and wielded a knife ... something Chyna denies.

The video seems to back Chyna's claim the hairdresser threw soda cans at her Rolls-Royce. The stylist seems to be lugging something ... aiming for the expensive whip and launching what looks like cans.

In the footage, you see Chyna and co. come out and confront the hairdresser. In classic Chyna fashion, she removes her shoes and throws them at the woman. And, then there's the obligatory shouting.

As for the knife ... no evidence of that from the video. It's possible, of course, Chyna could have pulled the weapon off-camera or inside the home.

It seems like Chyna deescalates ... eventually walking inside while the brouhaha continues.

TMZ reported that, the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services got involved because 6-year-old King, the child she had with Tyga, was at the house when all the commotion went down.

The police are investigating and will probably turn the case over to prosecutors who will decide what, if anything, to do.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

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My view: Clearly the video didn't show that Blac Chyna pulled a knife. It was the hairdresser herself that appears to be aggressive in the footage, attacking Chyna's Bentley with soda cans while BC was trying to defend herself by throwing her footwear.

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