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Ellen DeGeneres surprised Kris Jenner with 6 of her grandchildren

Kourtney Kardashian surprised her mother Kris Jenner with six of her grand-kids— Penelope, Mason, Chicago, North, Saint, and Reign. And there was one cranky kid in the bunch: Reign Disick. He wanted everyone to know that he needs candy, and he needs it now.

In the footage Reign continued to yell about something, until his mom Kourtney asked him, “Can you chill?” “Nope!” he yelled back to his mom ”‘Cause I’m a zombie!” Fair enough. Being a zombie is a very un-chill situation.

Reign then said he has to go “work on his computer,” to which his mom responded once again, “Chill.” His big brother Mason then said, “He’s crazy.” Well, he’s a zombie so…

His grandmother Kris promised him some cake after the interview, in an attempt to quiet him, but Reign replied, “Okay, but I need candy”

Luckily, after the kids were given T-shirts that say “Lovey” on them (it is the name Kris Jenner's grandchildren call her) Reign, manage to say thank you to the talk show host.

Scroll down for video

See reaction below

My view: The Kids are cute, Reign is mini Scott Disick, Chicago is so pretty.

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