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Husband left note to children after he murdered their mother

A dad-of-two wrote a note to his children to say ‘daddy loves you’ moments after murdering their mother.

George Worgan, 35, strangled his wife Kelly Worgan, 33, with a ligature at their home in Bristol on November 28, 2018.

He then left a note on the stairs asking that their children be stopped from going into the room where Kelly’s body lay dead.

He signed off: ‘Daddy loves you.’

Worgan, of Avonmouth, Bristol, then packed a handful of clothes, a large knife and Kelly’s phone and bank cards into the family car and fled.

Police were eventually able to stop him around 300 miles away on the M6 near Cumbria.

He refused to stop for police, so they released a spike strip which punctured his tyres.

Police found Worgan could barely keep his eyes open and he admitted taking a number of antidepressants and paracetamol pills before getting behind the wheel.

The couple had two young children together

He was arrested and charged with Kelly’s murder, as well as dangerous driving having while trying to evade police.

Bristol Crown Court heard there was no history of domestic violence in the relationship and Kelly’s murder was described as being non-premeditated.

Just hours beforehand the couple had watched one of their children in a school assembly and then gone shopping together. She was killed when they returned home.

His Honour Judge Blair QC said: ‘I feel it is important to state publicly that there was nothing on earth that could have alerted those who knew Kelly that such an awful crime was about to be committed, they have no reason to blame themselves.’

The court heard that at the time of Kelly’s death, the couple had ‘extreme financial difficulties’.

It is believed the couple were arguing about money and problems between Kelly and Worgan’s families before she was murdered.

In his note Worgan wrote: ‘No more suffering, I am sorry I got pushed too far this time.’

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My view: This is terrible, he must be suffering from depression. They had 'extreme financial difficulties', he then murdered her while they were arguing about money. He's such an animal, he said he was 'pushed too far this time’. You should have asked for divorce instead killing her.

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