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Baby Sussex is ready for his close-up! Fans wait for first glimpse of royal newborn today - as US TV

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have insisted on a US broadcaster being present when they unveil their baby son to the world today – and have picked the channel fronted by one of Meghan's best friends.

The couple have arranged for CBS, the network whose morning show is fronted by the duchess’s confidante Gayle King – a guest at her New York baby shower – to join a small British media contingent for the photocall at Windsor Castle.

The decision came as a surprise to British television channels including the BBC and ITV – not to mention many at Buckingham Palace.

It comes as royal fans wait for their first glimpse of the newborn in a photo shoot due to take place this afternoon.

The event is due to be covered by Sky News, which was selected randomly following other submissions from the BBC and ITV.

According to ITV, the same process was undertaken to decide which American network would cover the event, and saw CBS 'pulled out of the hat' following submissions by fellow US broadcasters NBC and ABC.

A source said last night the arrangements were made to 'reflect the international interest in the story'.

By coincidence – or not – CBS’s morning show is hosted by Meghan’s great friend Miss King, who is also close to Oprah Winfrey, another a friend of the royal couple and a guest at their wedding.

Miss King came to the UK to cover the birth and visited the couple at Frogmore Cottage just a few days ago, but is understood to have returned to the US when it emerged the baby was overdue.

Handily for her, it is expected that footage of Baby Sussex will be broadcast in America in time for her popular breakfast show, This Morning.

CBS star Miss King was among just 20 guests to attend Meghan's lavish five-day baby shower in New York in February, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams.

Last month Harry and Meghan’s office announced that while they wanted to keep details of the birth private

(pictured: Duke and Duchess of Sussex on March 14, 2019)

Speaking afterwards, Miss King revealed that the group were taught how to arrange flowers which were then donated to charity.

Photographed walking into the event with a polka-dot party bag, Miss King refused to reveal exactly what she had bought for the royal couple.

But British broadcasters are said to be furious at the move and there is also concern among some in the royal household that the decision will look like a ‘slap in the face’ to Commonwealth broadcasters, particularly in countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand, where the Queen is still head of state.

‘It’s a decision that has taken everyone by surprise and has not gone down well in some quarters,’ one source said.

Last month Harry and Meghan’s office announced that while they wanted to keep details of the birth private, they had agreed to a very small photocall at Windsor a couple of days after the baby was born.

This was confirmed by the delighted prince in person on Monday, when he told journalists that he would see them again in two days.

A small ‘pool’ of British professionals was picked, comprised of one television camera, one photographer and one reporter from the Press Association to ask questions.

They will feed the footage, words and pictures to organisations worldwide.

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My view: I don't get why some people are upset that MM handpicked one of her friend's for benefit/baby-shower guest's TV station for the photo call. Do you think her baby shower gifts were free, absolutely not, Meghan has to pay back and she's returning the favour. Prince William and Kate gave the world media photocall, without any drama or payback, that is class. The Markles, including Meghan, her father Thomas and her sister Samantha loves fame and the media money. Next time don't blame Thomas Markle and Samantha, because they learned from the best, Meghan Markle. They are all very greedy, they have never seen money and fame like this before.

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