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Video shows 'drunk woman' screams homophobic abuse at man on tube before spitting in his fac

Shocking video shows 'drunk woman' scream homophobic abuse at man on the tube before punching him and spitting in his face then attacking a fellow commuter as she tries to intervene.

In footage taken on a Jubilee Line underground train, a woman, who appears to be drunk, is seen verbally and physically assaulting a man she 'believes to be gay'

A horrified onlooker captured the attack on a packed Jubilee line train at 5.30am Friday morning.

The woman is seen to shout abuse at a man sitting in front that she 'believes might be gay' as other commuters look on confused.

'No, because you're gay, even more I'm going to violate you,' the woman shouts directly at an unseen man.

Another woman further down the carriage can be heard saying 'seriously, shut up', but the abusive woman turns shouts something to her before continuing to target the man.

The woman shouts homophobic remarks at the unseen man, saying that she will 'violate him' for being gay on an underground train between London Bridge and Green Park

'I'm gonna bully him. I don't care I'm gonna bully him, I'm gonna bully him cos he tried to chat s**t to me,' she continues before grabbing for the man's phone.

The filmer, told Mail Online that: 'Out of nowhere she started abusing verbally one of the passengers.

Daily Mail reports that, a witness said the woman boarded the westbound tube at London Bridge, and you could see she was 'clearly drunk'.

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'The man tried to ignore her but she was not leaving him alone, she tried touching his face and he was very patient to her, telling her to stop it, without being aggressive until she tried to grab his phone.

A filmer recorded the horrific encounter where the woman threw several insulting lines at another passenger in what looks to be an unprovoked attack

'He kicked her and then she spat on his face, the man was still very calm, other passengers gave him tissue to clean up his face and he was grateful for that.'

A passenger, clearly angered by the attack, grabs the woman by the hair as she tries to leave the train and says, 'Don't chat to that man like that, do you know him? Don't chat like that'.

The filmer says: 'After the spat, she tried to leave the carriage but a woman confronted her, telling her to stop abusing the man.

She then attempts to grab a phone out of the man's hands, as the women claims the man 'chat s***' at her'

She then spits at the man and attempts to leave the train, but a fellow passenger grabs her by the hair and questions why she had hurled abuse at the man

'The girl was clearly under influence as she was telling the woman "but you are my best friend, why are you doing this to me, I am drunk, my friends shouldn't have left me alone".

'I got off in Green Park, as did she... she was yelling "babe where are you, where are you babe?" and she fell off the stairs.'

A spokesperson for British Transport Police told MailOnline: 'British Transport Police are aware of a video on social media showing an incident of homophobic abuse on a Jubilee line train.

'We take all reports very seriously and would ask anyone who witnessed what happened, or who has any information, to contact BTP by texting 61016 or calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 680 of 03/05/19.'

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My view: The video is shocking, the woman is vile, she's lucky that the man is not an aggressive person like her. Spitting on someone is such a disgusting act, she's disgusting, I hope she is charged with assault.

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