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Britain waits for baby Sussex as Meghan Markle is about a week overdue as Doctors warns she faces th

It was always the Duchess of Sussex's fervent wish to give birth naturally in the calm surroundings of her secluded Windsor home.

But now a week overdue and with no sign of Baby Sussex's arrival, the 37-year-old Duchess was last night facing the disappointing prospect of induced labour and a hospital birth.

Unless nature takes its course in the next 48 hours, it is now increasingly likely she will give birth at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, 15 miles from Frogmore Cottage.

The world is still waiting for news of the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan's first child, but the 37-year-old Duchess (pictured with Harry outside Westminster Abbey on March 11) was last night facing the disappointing prospect of induced labour and a hospital birth

Induction is typically offered seven to ten days after the due date, although it can be left as late as two weeks if mother and baby are 'well and fit'. At that point, induction is imperative.

Obstetrician Clive Spence-Jones, of the Whittington Hospital in North London, said: 'A recent study found that women over 36 should consider induction around their due date, as they are at higher risk.'

Once the Duchess has been induced – either physical manipulation or drugs to trigger contractions – there will be no chance of a home birth as that is against national guidelines, which also apply to private doctors and midwives.

'After induction there are more opportunities for medical intervention to be needed during labour, so home birth is not recommended,' said Mr Spence-Jones.

It is now increasingly likely that Meghan will give birth at Frimley Park Hospital (pictured) in Surrey, 15 miles from Frogmore Cottage.

Meghan is said to have had her heart set on a home birth at their secluded cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle

Royal fans spent another day yesterday waiting patiently for news, but none was forthcoming – leaving a vacuum for social media gossip to go into overdrive, with some even speculating the baby had already been born.

At Frogmore Cottage, the Duchess, who is with Prince Harry and her mother Doria, was said to be 'comfortable and happy' and 'getting plenty of fresh air in the garden'.

Sources say a nurse visited the home in the past week and, as The Mail on Sunday revealed last month, a female-led delivery team is on standby.

Last month, the couple said they planned to keep arrangements for the birth of their baby private.

Devoted royals fans have already been arriving in Windsor ahead of the expected yet still unknown due date of Baby Sussex.

Sources said they wanted to avoid the glare of publicity which surrounded the births of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children, when huge numbers of media and well-wishers gathered outside the Lindo Wing, the private maternity unit of St Mary's Hospital in West London.

Buckingham Palace will announce when the Duchess goes into labour, but not whether she has been admitted to hospital.

A second announcement will be made after the baby is born, when aides expect to be able to reveal details of the baby's gender, birth weight and place of birth.

The news will be confirmed only after the new parents have had the chance to tell their family and friends.

At Windsor yesterday, it was the world's media, not well-wishers, who were staked out on street corners anticipating the birth.

Underlining the uncertainty, two blue and pink banners pinned to the street railings below the castle read 'Congratulations on your baby boy' and 'Congratulations on your baby girl'.

But despite the sunny weather, there were only two well-wishers – John Loughrey, 64, who brought the banners, and his friend Caryll Foster, 59.

Mr Loughrey said: 'There's always been a build-up to the Royal birth but this time there's nothing – no flags and no people. There's been no build-up because it's a very private affair. I miss the atmosphere.'

Bookies point towards Baby Sussex being a girl, with odds of 4-7, compared to 5-4 for a boy. Among the most likely names are Diana for a girl and Arthur for a boy.

Via Daily Mail

My view:. MM is about a week overdue, maybe she's had her baby or she's about to be induced. But one thing is for sure there's no chance of the royals risking a home birth for a woman who is nearly 40 and as things stand now, MM may have a c-section, she's not a spring chicken, so that's for her own safety. MM and Prince Harry shouldn't have announced anything at all, just surprise the world with their bundle of joy. But at the end of the day 'Meghan gets what Meghan wants'. She doesn't want publicity around her baby, only when she's out meeting and greeting people. I think she's had her baby, because she's overdue.

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