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Cardi B Poses Naked In Explicit Video she posted on Instagram as She Addresses "Leaked Nudes&qu

Cardi B posted the graphic video after trolls claimed she flashed her private parts during her red carpet appearance with Offset at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards.

The 26-year-old rapper showcased a sweet display of affection with her husband Offset at the Billboard Music Awards, but she has had to clear up rumours after the incident on the red carpet.

The mother-of-one was wearing a revealing yellow outfit during her red carpet appearance, and at one point Cardi propped up her leg during an embrace with her husband Offset and as the images made the rounds online , people began speculating that Cardi b has flashed more than she planned.

Taking to her Instagram page to shut down the rumours of any "leaked" nude images, Cardi B posted a nude video of herself as she described the anatomy of her body.

“Y’all wanna look at my p***y so bad? Y’all shoulda come looking when I was a motherf****** stripper," she said, before pointing to and tapping her private parts

“First of all thats not my p***y, my p***y's right here. This where I birth my daughter from," she explained. “Thats just my a**, you know when you got a fat a**?”

Card B had three outfits changes during the event and she picked up six awards during the show including Rap Song, Rap Female Artist and Top Selling Song.

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Cardi B and Offset put on a loved-up display at the Billboard Music Awards. Picture: Getty

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My view: Cardi B's nude video is even more disgusting and worse than the so called wardrobe malfunction. Well, the big fashion companies she promotes, like her crude behavior and her fans loves her, because she doesn't behave like a superstar. She's just not refined at all, she needs to stop the crude stuff, they are stomach-turning. Her Billboard Awards outfits looked good on her and she looked cute. The naked video is just too crude, not good.

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