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Regina Daniels defends brother Lawrence after alleged scuffle with a policeman in Asaba Nigeria

Reginal Daniel’s brother identified as Lawrence was involved in a rough fracas with a policeman after he was stopped on Tuesday, April 30, along the Okpanam road, Asaba Delta state.

Policemen called in as actress Regina Daniels’ brother, Lawrence, allegedly assaults an officer during a stop-and-search, on Tuesday, along Okpanam road, Asaba, Delta State

In a video Regina Daniel's brother was seen engaged in a drag and pull with the officer who strongly latched onto his cloth. He made several attempts to free himself from the officer’s grip but was unable to.

The video which was shared by Instablog generated comments from Nigerians which didn’t sit well with Regina Daniels.

Reacting to the news that her brother was the one assaulting the officer, Regina Daniels defended her sibling and expressed that if anyone watched the video closely, they will realize that the officers were the ones assaulting her brother.

She said: “You people should not make me angry. Can’t you see they were the ones assaulting him ? Or are you blind ?? And yet some people are here saying trash!”

Reacting to his fight with police, Regina’s brother noted that police brutality is real and people should not wait to experience it before they speak up.

See the post and video below.

Scroll down for video

My view: Next time obey police order, then complain later, if you don't like the way you've been treated, instead of arguing with the police. Don't run, Don't argue, resist or obstruct the police, even if you are innocent. If you are confronted and feel that you are being treated inappropriately file a formal complaint, no one is above the law. Don't let your sister's fame go to your head.

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