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Blac Chyna Show Off Her New Luxurious Rolls-Royce On Instagram

Blac Chyna shared a video of her new Rolls Royce that was delivered to her mansion on Friday and captioned, "I was so shocked when O'GARA BEVERLY HILLS pulled up at my house in my New “2019 ROLLS-ROYCE DAWN!"

The mother of two can be seen in the footage dancing, as she showed off the car as it arrived to her home.

Scroll down for video

My view: Blac Chyna appears to be doing well with her make-up business and promoting Fashionova. She's bought a new car, she didn't clarify if it's a rental car delivered for her to promote on Instagram. I am sure she won't allow the Harvard embarrassment happen again. Chyna is doing very well, good for her.

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