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Selena Gomez designs special bikini for her kidney transplant scar

Selena Gomez has been snapped in a red bikini that she designed — but there’s reason she’s turned to creating swimwear.

The singer designed two swimwear - a bikini and a full piece - for her best friend Theresa Marie Mingus' affordable swimwear brand, Krahs Swim

The 26-year-old singer shared a photo of her swimwear design on her Instagram account

In a video she shared on her Instagram page to celebrate the brand launch, Selena talked about how the surgery to treat her Lupus back in September 2017, left her with a visible scar, which inspired her to design a high-waisted red bikini set.

“I had a kidney transplant, and I like bathing suits that cover where that has been, and make me feel comfortable,” she said.

Selena's swimsuits have some special design features like high waists and belts, which the singer says, make her feel more comfortable.

See pictures and video below

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Selena Gomez, pictured, with Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday at the Hollywood Reporter's Empowerment In Entertainment in Los Angeles.

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My view: Selena Gomez is cute, she looks like a teenager.

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