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WATCH: Maduro's military truck running over peaceful protesters in Venezuela President

This horrifying video shows President Nicolas Maduro's armoured tanks running over unarmed protesters in Venezuela.

Opposition leader Juan Guaidó has appealed for his supporters to take to the streets of Venezuela again on Wednesday, after violent clashes on Tuesday.

But President Nicolás Maduro, whom Guaido is trying to unseat, remains defiant despite the protests.

In a television address Maduro said Guaidó's supporters are a "small group" whose plan had failed.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: President Maduro is a tyrant and he'll end up like Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. But the military are to blame for running over their own people with army tanks, they are the ones supporting Maduro, if they refused to obey Maduro's evil orders, there will be peace and horrific incident like that wouldn't happen. Maduro is power drunk, he's such an evil leader. The footage is shocking and painful to watch.

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