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Regina Daniels spotted confirming the authenticity of her diamond ring

Actress Regina Daniels shows off her diamonds in a video she shared on her Instagram story.

The newly married teenager was spotted checking the authenticity of her diamond rings. In the video, she flaunted another diamond ring to add to the one she usually wears. The footage shows the actress in a jewellery shop checking authenticity of the two rings on her fingers.

Daniels was later seen showcasing the two rings on her fingers.

Regina wore a mustard yellow sweater.

Scroll down for video

Regina Daniels, pictured with her husband Ned Nwoko

My view: The 19-year-old is very wise, making sure her billionaire husband is splashing out on expensive gifts for her and her mother who encouraged her daughter to marry the old man. So why is she not posting her husband's photos on her Instagram page?, is she not proud of him?. Regina is just too gorgeous for that old man. I don't get why her mum was so desperate to allegedly arranged for her 19-year-old pretty flower to marry a man who looks 70 and like her granddad, because of money. Regina is a very talented actress. I don't blame her, I am sure some women will sacrifice their acting career for a Prince or a billionaire, but a cute billionaire though.

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