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Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrate anniversary amid cheating rumours - and Twitter has joke

While the world is still on tenterhooks waiting for Meghan Markle to give birth, her in-laws are celebrating a significant milestone of their own. April 29 marks the eighth wedding anniversary of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Kensington Palace marked the occasion with a tweet sharing photos from the couple's 2011 wedding at

8 years ago today — thank you for your lovely messages on The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding anniversary!

But some royal-watchers couldn't resist referencing rumors that the marriage is on the rocks. Earlier this month Prince William's lawyers reportedly threatened legal action against the gossip publication In Touch after it claimed he cheated on the duchess with her friend Rose Hanbury. Though Kensington Palace has not yet formally commented on the rumours, Twitter has been abuzz with conspiracy theories and condemnations of the royal's alleged behaviour.

It's little wonder, then, that a seemingly innocuous post marking his wedding anniversary would garner a little social media side-eye.

All jokes aside, many royal fans had nothing but well-wishes for the couple, who have three children. It is unclear if William and Kate will be together to celebrate the anniversary, as he travelled to New Zealand last week while she joined Prince Harry for a special Anzac Day service in London. The duke and duchess are, however, slated to visit Wales together in early May.

Kate Middleton, pictured with Rose Hanbury (above) have fallen out


My view: So, who leaked the alleged cheating scandal?, according to reports, MM's PR machine allegedly leaked it. It is sad that MM's unanimous friends and PR machine are allegedly leaking negative things about William and Kate, maybe they want Kate to walk away from her marriage, just forget it and stop wasting your time, because Kate will never walk away from her marriage and her tittle. I think the Queen should put an end to all these negative vibes and sack MM's PR guru, she doesn't need a political machine as there's no vacancy for the position she's campaigning for. We are all waiting for MM to announce the birth of her baby, as everything with her is double drama.

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