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Male model, 26, dies at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Brazilian model Tales Soares has died after collapsing on the catwalk at São Paulo Fashion Week.

The 26-year-old was taking part in a show for the brand Ocksa when he collapsed.

According to reports, Soares was taken to a hospital but could not be revived.

People initially thought it was part of the show, while his fellow Models looked on in shock as firefighters rushed to help and carried him from the stage.

His death was confirmed on Twitter by the organisers of the fashion show.

The statement reads,"We're sorry for their loss and send our deepest condolences to Tales' family", adding they were providing "all necessary assistance at this sad time".

In the video footage Soares was walking to the end of the catwalk and turning back before staggering and falling.

Hours earlier, Soares had pictures on his Instagram account about the fashion event.

According to reports, Soares was foaming at the mouth as he lay on the floor. His sister Gabreille Gomes said she did not know of any health problems and that he did not have a history of epilepsy.

Gabreille said: ‘Me and my mother spoke to Tales by video call before the parade and he said he was well and said he had just finished eating a carrot. ‘We’re very scared and devastated by what happened. He was very healthy, ate healthily and exercised every day. He did crossFit and yoga.’

In a statement posted online, MGT Base Agency said: ‘We emphasise that Tales never presented or complained about health problems. ‘He had a healthy diet (he was a vegetarian), did not use illicit substances and was considered in full healthy condition to participate in the parade.

‘We await the medical report and we ask for respect at that moment of deep sadness. He will be forever in our hearts and memory.’

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Tales, pictured, moments before he fell to the floor at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

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My view: This is so sad, I don't think he died because he tripped he must have had some other issues that made him collapse. He looked too skinny, he had reportedly just finished eating a carrot, minutes before his tragic death (he was a vegetarian).

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